All students interested in joining EPIC must take the EPIC entrance exam

Test content

The EPIC entrance exam features unique problems unlike any other that students may have seen in school. They have

  • Open-ended answers: unlike multiple-choice exams limit the range of possible responses
  • A range of solutions: a passing score includes sub-optimal, yet good answers
  • Non-linear problem solving strategies: there is no "secret" way of getting to the best answer
  • No required prior knowledge: instead of relying on a particular factoid that a student may or not remmeber from class, the problems refer to relatable, everyday situations
  • A spatial/visual/creative component: recognizing skills that are of particular use to good engineers

Testing logistics

  • Only eighth grade students are eligible to take the exam
  • The test is given as a part of Sunny Hills High School's Honors/IB Testing
    • The dates of the test are usually two Saturdays in January: the exact dates of the test and information about pre-registration can be found at the Sunny Hills IB page for 8th graders.
    • Students select one of the test dates.
    • Students must complete the specific EPIC portion of the exam in order to be considered for the program.
  • Decisions on program admission are emailed by the end of February